The guiding vision of “One Heart for Harmony” lies in the first stanzas of the original song:

“We don’t look the same, we don’t think the same, we don’t pray the same, but we stand united. Your faith, my faith, tearing down the walls of hatred.

But we dream the same, and we weep the same, let us sing the same as we stand united. Your God, my God, shining down upon us all.”

On behalf of the non-profit group “1 Heart 4 Harmony Inc” I’d like to invite you to join us in an event that brings to life the goals and purposes of “1 Heart 4 Harmony”: to use music and song to unite and bring mutual kindness and cooperation to religions, races, and cultures of earth.

ONE HEART FOR HARMONY is a secular non-profit organization based in Clearwater, Florida, whose purpose is to use music to unite religions of earth with the common goal of ending religious, cultural and racial hatred, discrimination, and persecution, while promoting the spirit of kindness, cooperation, support, respect and goodwill to the end reward of widespread human rights, peace and harmony.

“One Heart” is an interfaith anthem written with the intention that many voices from many churches come together in music to demonstrate to the world that harmony is possible. The song itself is a 10-minute performance piece consisting of diverse styles and rhythms from all over the world.

We would love to invite your choirs, congregations, groups and friends to participate. We plan to host at least 500 singers from at least 10 different churches, singing together to demonstrate that harmony and cooperative support not only CAN exist, but already DOES exist. The pilot, called “Live 500,” will occur in Clearwater then spread to major cities nationwide.

Each church or non-profit group will be provided a tent where they can invite attendees to see their materials, their history, and their personal invitations to become acquainted with their tenets. Each tent will have a banner with their logo, so that during filming they will have a highly visible presence. Leaders from each group will be invited to the central raised stage to perform the song and the group spoken word along with the 500 singers surrounding the central stage.

Our first major target is to execute a Public Relations blast by having the song “One Heart” stream viral to millions of viewers, spawning concerts in all large cities, creating unity and respect between major religions of earth and creating high cooperation, mutual support and admiration between them.


We have a vision and purpose to bring the song “One Heart,” as a beautiful and aesthetic video, to millions of admirers worldwide. Our plan is to create concerts using the Clearwater Live 500 Pilot as a template for major cities across the USA, creating teams of thousands of volunteers creating unity and calm in those cities. We look forward to establishing interfaith choirs everywhere.

As the song turns into a cultural phenomenon, it will spark a movement whereby all people who believe in kindness come together to help one another, support and defend one another, in the name of tolerance and unity.

The ultimate performance will consist of all the 1 Heart 4 Harmony performers joining together for a massive concert of 4,000 singers representing every religion, every race, and every culture coming together for a demonstration at an iconic location. The filming of the resulting concert will truly be a global media event, creating discussions worldwide of the fact that we can indeed live in kindness and cooperation in today’s troubled world.

If you would like to join with us in this noble pursuit, please contact me right away!

Founder, Karen Nelson Bell, 727-350-1739, Karen@1Heart4Harmony.com.

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