All Walks of Life

We welcome everyone at One Heart for Harmony. Our Board of Directors (we refer to it as the “Kindness Counsel") includes people from all walks of life, all ages, and all cultures.

Karen Nelson Bell, our Founder, has had a life rich in varied experiences: classical musician, pop artist, TV and stage producer, still active in choral music composition and performance. She also wrote a best-selling non-fiction book in 2007 which hit number 1 simultaneously in 5 different categories on Amazon, based on her 2nd career as a real estate investor and trainer. Today, she works as an advocate for her favorite non-profits. (personal and celebrity page)

Annette Jonsson: Executive Director

Doug Jonsson: Vocal Director

Linda Ferguson: Public Outreach

Roger Harrison: Music Consultant

Melinda Watson: Costume Designer

Dr. Rob Marvenko: Theater Consultant

Tony Rockliff: Media Producer

Gladys Macdonald: Administrator

Trinity Skye: Youth Relations

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